Review of the Slot Machine, “Dead Man’s Gold”

Kane is on another quest for fame and treasure, so be ready to cheer him on! This one’s called Dead Man’s Gold, and it has the daring explorer going full pirate in his pursuit of wealth. Dead Man’s Gold stays true to form as a lively online slot with plenty of bonus features, multipliers, gamble rounds, spinning reels, and exciting music and graphics. If all that has stoked your appetite for some swashbuckling, then by all means let’s get to swinging cutlasses, launching cannons, and generally acting like pirates.

The setting of Dead Man’s Gold is ridiculously far-flung; the game begins in a forgotten settlement hidden on an island by a waterfall, with mountains and an ever-increasing background visible in the distance. It’s a stunning scene that’s reminiscent of classic slots like Tahiti Gold and Pacific Gold, but Dead Man’s Gold has its distinct character of its own. One with a lot of force. The soundtrack is excellent as well, adding a great deal to the drama with its soothing at times and impassioned at others transitions between jungle sounds. When planning a garden’s layout, luxuriant g

While Dead Man’s Gold is a visual feast, its low return to player rate of 94% shows that ELK Studios is both a giver and a taker. However, when its many qualities are shining, it is a formidable blend with a high winning potential and a high volatility. Players may get the bubbling action starting by selecting a wager of 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin, then either betting on a single spin or selecting one of the five feature purchase X-iter choices. The 94% RTP is the same whether you play using the X-iter or the traditional iter.

Each new spin in Dead Man’s Gold begins with the grid’s height set to 4 rows. When playing on a screen of this size, players have 4,096 opportunities to win, which is achieved when identical symbols appear on at least three adjacent reels from the leftmost reel. The pay symbols can be categorized as either low, medium, or high. Low values are represented by J-A symbols, medium values by stingrays, octopuses, anchors, and skull and crossbones, and high values by moons in wheels, stars, eyed pyramids, and Kane. The game pays out 0.3x the wager for low 6-of-a-kind wins, 0.8-1x the bet for mid 6-of-a-kind wins, and 2-5x the bet for high 6-of-a-kind wins. Substituting for other pay symbols, wilds can also appear as 2×2 or 3×3 oversized symbols. Large pay symbols (up to 4×4) are also a possibility. Any empty space below very large symbols is filled in with smaller symbols of the same type.

Slot Machine Features in Dead Man’s Gold

Avalanches, Treasure Targets, Fire the Cannons!, Multiplier Treasure Targets, a Bottomless Chest, a Bonus Game, and an X-iter round out Dead Man’s Gold’s array of optional features.


When a win occurs, the winning symbols are removed from the reels, making room for new symbols to fall into place, and an additional row of symbols is placed above the first one, for a total of eight rows. As long as there are new methods to win, the avalanche effect will keep cycling.

Objects of Desire

The guns on either side of the reels are triggered by the cannonball icons. When a cannon is able to strike a Treasure Target, it will fire. When the cannons hit the Treasure Targets, the wild symbols within and surrounding them are destroyed. Targeting Multiplier Treasures not only reveals wild symbols and eliminates adjacent non-winning symbols, but it also boosts the game’s global win multiplier.

Hollow in the Middle

When a row’s maximum height is reached, the Bottomless Chest (an otherwise worthless symbol) creates and fills the empty spaces underneath it with high-value, wild, or cannonball symbols.

Extra Round

Free spins are awarded in increments of 10, 15, 20, and 25 for 3, 4, 5, and 6 bonus symbols, respectively. Treasure Targets and Multiplier Treasure Targets remain in play between drops in the free spins bonus round until they contribute to a win. In addition, the Bottomless Chest lasts for the entire time. Additional free games are awarded for landing three or more bonus symbols.


Dead Man’s Gold may be played in a variety of ways thanks to the X-iter. These are:

You can win 5 times your original wager on a single spin if a “Big Block” symbol appears.

Chest Plunderer pays off 10 times your wager in a single spin and always awards a Bottomless Chest.

Super Cannon Spin: 25 times your wager for a single spin with an infinite supply of cannonballs.

100 times your wager in bonus play!

The Super Bonus offers players the chance to win 500 times their wager in a game where they can fire as many cannonballs as they like.

Dead Man’s Gold: The Slots’ Final Say

As far as we can tell, Dead Man’s Gold is the eighth installment in the Gold range, and the series is just as popular as ever. ELK Studios’ ability to create new and engaging environments for Kane to explore, realize those environments with a high level of visual and auditory polish, and populate them with fascinating features speaks volumes about the studio’s design skills. There is always some sort of unexpected twist included. Cannons in Dead Man’s Gold fire Treasure Targets, which expose wilds and remove certain losing symbols, and Multiplier Treasure Targets, which increase the win multiplier. A fun thematic addition that gives Gold users a chance to try out something different.

While the game’s other features may not be very groundbreaking, they do work well together and have a beneficial influence on one another. Dead Man’s Gold is one of the rare games that can keep getting better and better, like a decent Gold game. Gold is both familiar and distinctive enough to launch the series into unexplored yet fascinating waters, with avalanches leading to extra rows and gigantic symbols popping up for good measure.

The game’s 25,000x the bet winning potential is far more than that of the lower-stakes games in the range, which is a major selling point. However, as is the case with many modern titles from ELK Studios, potential issues with RTP cannot be ruled out. It’s odd to think about how one side of the company is driving forward, making games that look and sound great and are a joy to play, while the other is cannonballing themselves in the foot with poor performance metrics.

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